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The Young Saver is great for teaching your child about the fundamentals of money. It can help your child establish good habits for saving and spending.

1.00% pa1
Interest Rate

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Balance Interest Rate
Portion up to $5,000 1.00% pa1
Portion above $5,000 to $10,000 0.25% pa1
Portion above $10,000 0.01% pa1


  • A great tiered interest rate (details above) 
  • No account keeping fees
  • No minimum monthly deposits
  • Available to children 0-12 years and youth aged 13-17 years

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Young Saver Account $0 - $5000
Interest Rates
Variable interest rate1.00% pa1
Annual fee$0 
Monthly fee$0 
Minimum amount$0 
Funds availableYes 
Online & Phone BankingYes 
Direct Entry (Credit/Debit)Credit only
Interest incomeInterest is calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly. 
Branch accessYes 


1 No minimum balance. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly.